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It has been a privilege for us to partner with the efficientC team. It has been a great experience. efficientC has shown tremendous passion towards making the integration a successRead More
— Deonne Henry, VP of Revenue Cycle, Magnolia Regional Health Center

Your Most Reliable Partner
in Revenue Cycle Management

efficientC is a comprehensive, software-as-a-service (SaaS) that provides healthcare organizations a single solution with unmatched performance. Our claims management software helps you get paid fast (95% of claims paid in fewer than 20 days) and lets you navigate the changing landscape of payer reimbursements more effectively.

efficientC provides exceptional, measurable results to organizations of all sizes – from specialty clinics &
critical access hospitals to provider networks & integrated health systems – for their clearinghouse, claim scrubber/edits, appeals and denial elimination system.  

Optimize Your A/R

Hospitals should be able to focus on what matters most: providing quality care to patients and improving health, not worrying about denial rates and the latest Medicare regulations.

By using efficientC, your revenue cycle team can perform traditional A/R services in half the time of a typical healthcare business, improving efficiency and freeing up resources.

  • Automated claim workflows and cross-departmental workflow tools
  • Automatic billing of secondary insurance carriers within days of submitting a claim
  • Follow-up notifications for claims that do not receive a payer response


Eliminate Denials

Our statistics show that 90% of denials are preventable. efficientC technology increases your first pass claim paid rate and immediately improves your organization’s GDRO, cash flow, and aging.

  • Duplicate and overlap detection
  • Error-checks and assistance in improving claim acceptance
  • Denial Trends monitoring
  • Unlimited claim edits to prevent future denials


Get Results That Pay

efficientC delivers results immediately. You can depend on our accurate and accessible report and dashboards to manage your financial performance. Easy access to key performance indicators (KPIs) turns valuable data into actionable business intelligence for CFOs.

  • In-depth reporting on biller productivity and management
  • Compare your KPIs and cash flow against industry standards

Request a demo and experience efficientC for yourself.

Empower Your Team

Empower your revenue cycle team with an Audit & Compliance system that is always up to date on the latest billing rules, edits, and regulations. Our claims management software is compliant throughout the claim cycle.

  • Full suite of tools to stay ahead of potential risk areas
  • Coding and billing audits
  • Complete audit trail of claim changes
  • Comprehensive Medicare edits

User Launch Success

Many healthcare organizations have been through an “conversion nightmare” and may be hesitant to make a switch. EfficientC will change your perspective. We take care of provider enrollments, provide thorough staff training, and lead the set up of your  claims management software. Our software was designed by users, so claims are easy to view and increase productivity right out of the gate

After launch, our team becomes a partner in your success, providing dedicated, ongoing support, continual system improvements, and on-the-spot assistance whenever you need it. That’s because we believe success comes from not just from selling a product, but from becoming a valued partner.

Read what our clients are saying about efficientC. View Case Studies.


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