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When powerful software, people and business intelligence combine, the results speak for themselves with 95% of claims paid in fewer than 20 days.

Built by revenue cycle experts for healthcare billing specialists, efficientC is a claim management and predictive analytics software platform that combines claim scrubber, clearinghouse (optional) and predictive analytic technologies into one powerful denial prevention solution.

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"I worked in revenue cycle consulting for 20 years before I came to ProHealth Care. I’ve worked with a lot of different systems and efficientC is one of the top systems I’ve ever worked with in regards to having the data and tools at your fingertips that can be used it to solve root cause issues.”
Curtis Glaunert
Vice-President of Revenue-Cycle
“efficientC has been a truly valuable partner over the past year. In addition to the first-class software, services and support, they’ve been a remarkable educational resource for ICAHN. Through onsite roundtables and webinars they’ve facilitated there is an increased level of knowledge sharing and greater access to networking opportunities for our hospitals. I appreciate how committed efficientC is to ICAHN and our hospitals’ success, I look forward to our continued partnership!”
Jackie King
Clinical Informatics Specialist/HIM Consultant

Clean Claims Up, Denials and Write-Offs Down

Denials are the biggest reasons for revenue cycle underperformance. Working with efficientC, Wisconsin-based ProHealth Care has made dramatic improvements, regularly getting more than 90% of their claims paid on first submission. Using the denial prevention tools that are part of efficientC's Insights predictive analytics, the team at at ProHealth has been able to quickly address the root cause of denials and improve overall financial performance.

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efficientC and Insights have joined forces to deliver the industry's ultimate denial prevention product available today. 

Built by revenue cycle experts for healthcare billing specialists, efficientC is a claim management and predictive analytics software product. It combines a responsive clearinghouse and claim scrubber tool with its Insights analytics platform that work together to get you the highest number of claims paid on the very first submission.


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