FTE Allocation

Why does FTE creep up?

Often FTE begins to slowly increase over time due to technology deficiencies. In the healthcare billing office, this means an inadequate claim scrubber, no denial reporting tools or both. If denials are not properly analyzed quickly and integrated into the claim scrubber, you could find your need for more billing and follow-up staff growing as denials increase.

With the claim submission technology available today, your claims system can be and should be handling your claim editing. efficientC payer rules are continually updated, ensuring claims go out correctly the first time, meaning less staff time spent on re-working denied claims. Productivity increases significantly because denial workflow can be assigned by the major denial type ( eligibility, medical necessity, coding, COB, etc.).


efficientC automates workflow

A biller reviewing claims and denials requires more hours, more FTE, and time taken away from other crucial tasks. Also, claim failures typically occur as a result of either coding or registration and have to be sent back to the respective department. Billers are often simply routing claim issues to other areas to review, basically being a middle-man resulting in claims being touched multiple times by different staff.