[Recording] What's Eating Your Bottom Line?


Unnecessary denials are one of the top challenges eating away at healthcare providers’ bottom line – causing cash flow delays, accounts receivable problems, increased business office expense and write-offs. Denials are no longer an expected cost of doing business in healthcare because today’s technology makes 90% of denials preventable. What would it mean to your business office if less time was spent working denials and more time important projects? Implement these cutting-edge techniques to save money, reallocate resources and improve key A/R performance indicators across the revenue cycle.

Learning Objectives: This session will give you the tools needed to calculate the total cost of denials for your organization, identify ways to eliminate the most common preventable denials and how to implement a denial reduction process across the entire revenue cycle that will improve net revenue and cash flow. 

Nicole Querio, Revenue Cycle Director, Sauk Prairie Healthcare
Lori Zindl, President, efficientC


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