Revenue Cycle Management

Our expertise. Our technology. Your advantage.

OS inc. maximizes your profit potential by increasing cash flow and reducing business office expenses. Supported by our industry-leading technology, efficientC, revenue cycle management has never been more...well...efficient. And when called upon, our expert team of account specialists will help eliminate any of the typical headaches often associated with revenue cycle management.

Significantly reduce your cost to collect

It's a simple formula. Fewer denied claims and open A/R accounts means fewer resources needed to resolve them. Fewer dedicated resources means a reduction in the cost and time to collect. And when the cost to collect decreases, profitability increases. Improving your existing process will reduce administrative redundancies and allow you to redirect staffing and resources to more pressing needs.

Having OS inc. involved with our business office services from day one has been a real blessing for us. As a result, we have been able to allocate our attention and resources to other matters aside from billing and processing. The reporting we receive is amazing! I can drill down to problem areas or areas of interest quickly, but also start out at a high level for an overview if that is all that’s needed.
— Colleen Chisnell, Senior Director of Finance