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efficientC ProcessefficientC - A Denial Prevention Solution

We're changing the conversation ... 

efficientC and Insights have joined forces to deliver the industry's ultimate denial prevention product available today. 

Built by revenue cycle experts for healthcare billing specialists, efficientC is a claim management and analytics software product. It combines a responsive clearinghouse and claim scrubber tool with its Insights analytics platform that work together to get you the highest number of claims paid on the very first submission.


What efficientC Delivers

  • Paid
  • Unpaid
  • Paid
  • Unpaid

95% of Claims Paid in 20 Days

Through the unique integration and alignment of denials and edits in one system, efficientC gets claims paid fast.

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  • Millions ($)
  • Millions ($)

15% Cash Flow Improvement

Our clients see an average of 15% improvements in cash collections after implementing efficientC.

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  • Denials
  • Denials

40% Denial Reduction in 60 Days

Going beyond denial reporting, efficientC and our team of claim analysts monitor and take action to eliminate future denials.

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FTE Reductions & Re-allocations

With the right technology in place to handle billing and denials, your staff can focus on the most important tasks.

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News - Insights Analytics Press Release

ClaimSource, Inc., announced today that its flagship healthcare clearinghouse, efficientC® and its Insights analytics denial prevention subscriptions can now be purchased as standalone applications.

This paves the way for more healthcare organizations to access efficientC’s powerful analytics platform.

Prior to this announcement, access to Insights analytics required customers to subscribe to efficientC for clearinghouse services as well.

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I did revenue cycle consulting for 20 years before I came to ProHealth Care. I’ve worked with a lot of different systems and efficientC is one of the top systems I’ve ever worked with as far as having data and tools at your fingertips and being able to use it to solve root cause issues.
- Curtis Glaunert, Vice President of Revenue Cycle
efficientC has dramatically improved Watertown Regional Medical Center’s A/R and cashflow. OS utilizes the same efficentC software so they’ll always be looking for ways to improve it. They have a wide array of billing expertise which also comes in handy. If I’m at a loss regarding a specific billing issue, I’ll contact OS as they’ve probably already seen and dealt with the issue. efficientC has been a big “Win” for us.
- Jim Kluge, Director - Patient Accounting & Patient Access