Revenue Cycle Support Solutions

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Serving as a true partner to our clients. 

For over 25 years, OS inc. has helped shape revenue cycle management strategies. 

For over 25 years, OS inc. has served as a true partner to our clients, helping shape their revenue cycle management strategies and aligning them with intelligent business solutions that deliver meaningful and measurable results.

As many providers know, healthcare is rarely one-size-fits-all and the solution to support your revenue cycle needs shouldn't be either. Whether your business office handles billing operations for a critical access hospital, local clinic or a large hospital network, your support solutions should be customized accordingly.

OS inc. staffing provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective healthcare programs available in today's market. We continue to lead the industry with our established standards in billing and compliance. We firmly believe OS inc. will not be successful unless our clients succeed, which is why we offer the variety of services we do.

Our Business Office Solutions

  • Consulting and Training
  • Third Party Billing
  • A/R Reduction Projects
  • Temporary Business Office and Coding Staff Support
  • Legacy System A/R Resolution
  • Complete Medicare/Medicaid Services
  • Self Pay Management
  • Offsite Business Office
  • Physician Services

See The Power of Our Solutions

Whether you are looking for services or technology (or both) OS inc. has the appropriate solution for all your revenue cycle needs. Our services include billing, follow-up, denial management, coding, cash position and self-pay solutions. Combine those with our denial analytics and clearinghouse technologies and you will see your denials decrease, your team’s productivity increase, and immediate improvements in your organization’s cash flow.


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