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Revenue Cycle
Training Solutions 

Training and tools designed to help your staff be more effective in their roles. 

Over the past 25 years our subject matter experts have worked to develop training and curriculum that supports the business offices of hospitals and clinics. We use the same training and curriculum to develop our own internal team of A/R billing and coding professionals. It’s a proven part of why our business office solutions deliver great results to our clients.

Whether you are looking for a program to train new employees or refresher courses for existing staff, we offer a variety of custom training, coaching and curriculum options that can help build more productive employees.

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Training Options Available

Our training can be delivered on site in-person or through remote virtual sessions.




Comprehensive sessions on compliance, revenue cycle fundamentals, auditing, accounts receivable, and cash flow. 



Tools available include productivity standards, scorecards, workflow calculators, and data organization.



Pair team members with a personal revenue cycle coach available for questions, one-on-one training, shadowing and career development.

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Ready for your employees to reach their full potential? Get in touch with OS inc. to learn about our different training and curriculum options. We can create a customized training program to meet the specific needs of your organization.


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