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Revenue Cycle Terminology and Trivia Game

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How well do you know your revenue cycle terminology? Every so often, we update and repost our Revenue Cycle Terminology document (cheat sheet) Well, it's that time again. You can download the term sheet here: Revenue Cycle Terminology.

Before you open it up, have some fun and test your knowledge. Get your whole team together for some team building fun with our Revenue Cycle trivia game below.





  • Click the trivia board image below to start the game
  • Choose a value in the column of your choice to see the description of an RCM term. 
  • Don't Forget: express your answer in the form of a question!
  • To check your answer, tap the "Spacebar" or the button in the upper-right of the game board
  • If you got it right, click the "+" scoring button to claim the points for that round
  • If you got it wrong, click the "-" button to lose the points for that round
  • Hit "Esc" (or the button in the upper left of the game board to return to the main trivia screen.
  • Keep going until you've cleared the board. Are you a true RCM savant?