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News - Burning Off Your Thanksgiving Feast

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The turkey isn't the only thing stuffed at this year's Thanksgiving table. All that delicious food and drink adds up, before you know it, you've consumed more than a day's worth of calories in one meal.

According to Dr. Michail of Providence Health, you might be surprised how much damage one meal can really do. The average person consumes more than 3,000 calories in this one meal alone. Wow.

Know how much physical activity you need to burn off your holiday meal before you go crazy.

Common Thanksgiving Foods

  • Turkey (6 ounces) - 195 calories - 30 minute run
  • Stuffing (1/2 cup) - 180 calories - 30 minutes of Pilates
  • Mash Potatoes (1/2 cup) - 120 calories - 35 minutes of weight training
  • Sweet Potato Casserole (1/2 cup) - 200 calories - 18 minutes ofspinning
  • Gravy (1/4 cup) - 45 calories - 50 burpees
  • Green Bean Casserole (1/2 cup) - 70 calories - 14 minutes of dancing
  • Cranberry Sauce - 150 calories - 20 minutes of stairmaster (moderate)
  • Pumpkin Pie (1 slice) - 316 calories - 60 minutes of yoga
  • Buttered Roll - 180 calories - 18 sets of 20 push-ups

If you're looking to limit the number of hours spent burning off your Thanksgiving food, try these simple tips:

  • Add fresh veggies to lighten up your side dishes
  • Stick with whiter meats and remove the skin
  • Drink 8 oz of water before sitting down to eat
  • Control salt intake by avoiding premade sauces and gravies
  • Take a family walk or local 5k

Spending quality time with friends and family, sharing a homemade meal, and giving thanks are what Thanksgiving is all about. Let your heart be overfilled, not your stomach.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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