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Business Intelligence 

With or without a subscription to efficientC's clearinghouse service.

Insights analytics is a thoughtful, easy to use business intelligence tool. It provides healthcare organizations the ability to visualize their revenue cycle, easily monitor payer and payment trends, and make well-informed business decisions. 

How the Platform Works

Designed by revenue cycle experts to help make sense of your data, it allows you to operationalize your data, with interactive actionable dashboards. 

Performance Management

Finance executives need to be armed with tools to understand the health of their organization. Insights presents thoughtful, easy to use dashboards that provide a quick understanding of how an organization’s revenue cycle is operating. Insight’s performance management dashboards tell the story.



Insights scorecard dashboards provide a top level view of the data and allow you to drill all the way into a specific claim if needed. Insights helps you identify where potential problems exist and then gets you to the specifics of the problem. Insights score cards allow an organization to continuously improve its operations:

  • Denial Score Card
  • Edit Score Card
  • Payer Score Card

“The dashboards are very interactive, making it easy to drill down to get to the information you need from a denials standpoint. Whether it’s denials, edits, or overall performance, efficientC’s tools have helped spot trends and make decisions that keep us moving forward. They developed a great reporting system at efficientC.”
Curt Glaunert
Vice President of Revenue Cycle - ProHealth Care

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efficientC is a comprehensive decision support and claims management technology platform. 

efficientC combines powerful denial analytics, claim scrubber and clearinghouse technologies to deliver the finest denial prevention tool available. efficientC's denial analytics, Insights, is a predictive analytics solution that leverages machine learning to provide actionable intelligence to help keep denials at bay. Built on the backbone of its powerful claim scrubber, and optional clearinghouse, the efficientC platform, delivers the best possible results to hospital revenue cycles across the United States.


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