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News - OS inc. adds Catherine Boerner, JD, CHC as Compliance Advisor

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OS inc. has engaged Catherine Boerner, JD, CHC to be an advisor on Compliance related activities for the company. Catherine will advise the company on compliance, security and privacy functions. The President of Boerner Consulting, LLC, Catherine has been supporting Compliance Officers, Privacy Officers and Security Officers for over 20 years. Catherine has served on the national Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) Board of Directors and is a past-President of HIPAA Collaborative of Wisconsin (HIPAA COW) where she continues to serve on the board.

“We take compliance and security at our organization very seriously. Adding Catherine to our team provides us with some of the best compliance leadership we’ve ever had. With the increasing complexities of healthcare compliance, and security, it’s important that we have the right people providing guidance. With Catherine’s help, we can be certain that we have someone that has been a driver of compliance best practices throughout her career.”, stated Lori Zindl, OS inc. President.