- Case Study -

The Diagnostic & Treatment Center

DTC has been an OS, inc. customer from the day they opened their doors. Since that time, OS inc. has been providing them with full business office support. 


The Diagnostic & Treatment Center (DTC) is located on the Weston Regional Medical Center campus in Weston, Wisconsin. The DTC offers a broad range of advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical services to meet the needs of area physicians and their patients. 


DTC was an OS inc. client from the first day they opened their doors.  Since then, OS inc. has provided a full suite of business office support, including:

  • General Billing
  • Follow-up Assistance
  • Secondary Billing
  • Patient-specific Billing
  • Cash Posting
  • Refund Processing
  • Collections and Bad Debt Oversight


Because OS inc. was plugged in from the beginning, DTC has benefited from reduced revenue cycle costs from the outset. Currently, OS inc. is processing more than 11,000 claims per month on their behalf.  As a result, DTC's Insurance Aging over 90 days is less than 8%, and their GDRO is at a scant 35 days.

"Having OS inc. involved with our business office services from day one has been a real blessing for us," says Colleen Chisnell, Sr. Director of Finance. "As a result, we have been able to allocate our attention and resources to other matters aside from billing and processing."

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