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Denial Madness Tournament Bracket

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here and following along with our Denial Madness Tournament Bracket. We will be creating new posts every time we reveal the next round of preventable denials. We’ve gotten through the first round of our Denial Madness 2023 Tournament Bracket. We’ve reduced our top sixteen denials down to eight.

There are many variables to consider when determining how to prevent denials. We’re going to start answering some of those questions. Which denial category should you work on first to prevent denials and where will the greatest impact be?

Our approach during our Denial Madness 2023 Tournament Bracket is to make our decisions at a general level of understanding. We know that there may be specific instances in your organization where it might make sense to choose differently.

Like a basketball tournament with 64 teams, we understand that matchups play a role in how you make your decisions. You might make a different decision if the matchup is different. In our Denial Madness 2023 Tournament Bracket, we are making our decisions based on the matchups that we initially set. We might make different decisions if the initial bracket was different.

Okay, let’s start the big reveal!

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