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Denial Madness Tournament Bracket Winner!

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Well, that went fast, didn’t it? We have our champion in the Denial Madness Bracket Tournament – Billing Related – Edit Review Needed.

If you’ve been following along as we’ve worked our way through the brackets, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise.  You can see our reasoning behind our previous choices here. All along our focus has been to find denials that we know we can prevent. In our industry, we know 90% of all denials are preventable. As we moved denials forward in their respective brackets, we discussed how each denial that moved forward had a little more known than its opposing denial.

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The Billing Related – Edit Review Needed is a denial unique to our platform that we absolutely 100% know we can prevent a denial by adding an edit to our clearinghouse.

At OS inc. we work hard for our customers to get as many claims paid as possible on first submission (First Pass Yield Rate). Many organizations focus their efforts on getting the highest clean claim rate possible. Clean claim rate is not the right way to measure denial prevention success. A clean claim can come back denied, creating a rework situation to get that claim paid.

Thank you for following along on our Denial Madness journey. Our hope is that we were able to shed some light on how to approach the prevention of denials. Every denial prevented speeds up and improves cash flow. It also reduces the organizational costs required to rework a claim.

We would welcome an opportunity to show off our technology platform and how it can help you improve your First Pass Yield Rate by preventing more of your denials. Reach out to us if you’re interested. We can show you our easy-to-use denial prevention analytics that are part of the platform. The answers are out there, you just need to ask.

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