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News - Insights Analytics Press Release

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ClaimSource, Inc., announced today that its flagship healthcare clearinghouse, efficientC® and its Insights analytics denial prevention subscriptions can now be purchased as standalone applications.

This paves the way for more healthcare organizations to access efficientC’s powerful analytics platform.

Prior to this announcement, access to Insights analytics required customers to subscribe to efficientC for clearinghouse services as well.

“Our strategy with efficientC has always been to instill a denial prevention philosophy in our customers. This approach allows them to stop claims, fix them and then send them to the payers to improve payment speed and increase the likelihood that they will get paid on the first submission”, said Lori Zindl, President of ClaimSource. “With this announcement, we are excited to be able to extend our subject matter expertise in denial prevention to potential customers regardless of what clearinghouse they might currently use.”

Most of the revenue cycle management (RCM) industry focuses its measurement efforts on clean claim rate. efficientC believes that submitting incorrect claims to a payer faster is an ineffective strategy. Instead, we encourage customers to focus on monitoring their First Pass Yield – the percentage of claims that get paid on the first submission. efficientC’s goal for its customers is to have 95% of claims paid on first submission. 

Insights analytics was designed to help hospitals and clinics identify where they can make improvements that drive meaningful financial results.

Insights - Performance Management Scorecards

From monitoring overall revenue cycle health and denial trends; to recommending new claim scrubber edits and pinpointing root cause by payer or department, Insights provides informative and easy to use dashboards designed to benefit healthcare organizations of all sizes and skill level.

“Now Customers who want to improve their organization's First Pass Yield rate can do so with the help of our Insights dashboards. Our Denial Score Card, Payer Score Card and Denials by User dashboards, to name a few, have helped our existing customers tremendously.”, Zindl stated. 

Prospective customers who are interested in seeing the power of efficientC’s Insights can reach out directly to Dave Glyzewski, efficientC’s Operations Director, to schedule a time to see the dashboards in action.

Dave can be reached by email at dglyzewski@os-healthcare.com or by phone at (262) 544-4442.